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A. M. Lyapunov (1857-1918)
Main scientific works are connected with investigations on the movement stability theory in mechanical systems, the theory of equilibrium figures in rotated fluid, mathematical physics and probability theory. He had been an academician in St. Petersburg academy. In 1969 Soviet academy of science instituted the gold medal named by A. M. Lyapunov.
Alexander M. Lyapunov was born on June 6 (by old chronology) 1857 in Yaroslavl.
In 1880 he graduated from St. Petersburg University. Since 1885 year A. M. Lyapunov is a professor assistant and since 1892 - professor of Kharkov university. In 1902 he defended a doctoral thesis and passed on job St. Petersburg academy of science.
The Lyapunov's doctoral thesis "The general problems of motion stability" was dedicated to stability research of mechanical systems with final number of degrees of freedom. There were published his fundamental results on stability of mechanical systems which formed the basis of modern theory of stability. This work made enormous influence on development of mechanics and qualitative theory of ordinary differential equations.
Being the outstanding follower of P. L. Chebyshev, M. A. Lyapunov continued and developed ideas of his teacher in different areas of mechanics.
He has received great results on research in the equilibrium forms of a rotated liquid, on a theory of potential, on a method of characteristic functions for the proof of limit theorems of probability theory.
 A. M. Lyapunov

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