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 G. I. Petrov
Academician G. I. Petrov Premium

National committee of Russian Academy of Science (RAS) on theoretical and applied mechanics instituted premium named after G. I. Petrov for Russian scientists who achieve distinguished results in the theory of hydrodynamic instability and turbulence.

The competition is announced once in two years. The works of Russian scientists can take part in competition if other Russian prizes have not awarded them. The work can be fulfilled both one person and by group of authors. Two prizes are instituted: the first grade and the second grade.

Competition jury makes the decision about prize awarding. The decision is published in magazines "Izvestiya RAN. Mekhanika Zhidkosty i Gasa" and "Vestnik Akedemii Estestvoznaniya".

The awards are presented during International winter conference of Moscow State University.

The work for competition in three copies should be sent in Russian to the jury chairman academician G. G. Cherny by address: Institute of Mechanics of MSU, Michurinsky prospect 1, Moscow, Russia, 119192. Phone/fax +7 (095) 9395136.

Competition Jury

Chairman: academician G. G. Cherny, president of RAS National committee on theoretical and applied mechanics.
Cochairman: professor S. Ya. Gertsenstein (Institute of Mechanics of MSU).
Jury members:
professor V. B. Baranov (Institute for Problems in Mechanics RAS),
professor A. A. Barmin (Institute of Mechanics of MSU),
professor F. V. Dolzhanskij (Institute of Physics of Atmosphere RAS),
professor V. V. Kozlov (Institute of a Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Siberian Branch of RAS),
professor, corresponding member of RAS A. G. Kulikovskij (Moscow State University),
professor A. A. Pavel'ev (Institute of Thermal Processes),
professor V. I. Polezhaev (Institute for Problems in Mechanics RAS),
professor V. I. Yudovich (Rostov State University).

The Winners of the Premium

2004, The First Grade Premium.

D. V. Lubimov (Perm State University).

 D. V. Lubimov

2004, The Second Grade Premium.

A. B. Ezersky (Institute of Applied Physics RAS, Gorky).

 A. B. Ezersky

2002, The First Grade Premium.

S. Ya. Gertsenstein, A. N. Sukhorukov (Institute of Mechanics of MSU).

 S. Ya. Gertsenstein  A. N. Sukhorukov

2002, The Second Grade Premium.

V. V. Kolesov (Rostov State University).

 V. V. Kolesov

2000, The First Grade Premium.

V. I. Yudovich (Rostov State University).

 V. I. Yudovich

2000, The Second Grade Premium.

A. T. Il'ichev (Steklov Institute of Mathematics).

 A. T. Il'ichev

1998, The First Grade Premium.

N. M. Astaf'eva, Yu. N. Belyaev, A. A. Monakhov, I. M. Yavorskaya
(Institute of Mechanics of MSU).

 N. M. Astaf'eva  Yu. N. Belyaev
 A. A. Monakhov  I. M. Yavorskaya

1998, The Second Grade Premium.

N. V. Nikitin (Institute of Applied Mechanics RAS).

 N. V. Nikitin


Памятная медаль имени Г. И. Петрова

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