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A. A. Paveliev
Name Anatoly A. Paveliev
Title Doctor of science, Professor
Born 02/06/1938
Affiliations Institute of Mechanics, Moscow State University (MSU)
Address 1 Michurinsky pr., Moscow, Russian Fed. 119192
Phone (7095) 939-5283
Fax No
Web-page (URL) No
Scientific research The influence of initial and boundary conditions on unstable and turbulent flows; transition to turbulence; the mathematical models of turbulent flows; forming of local laminar zones with big Reynolds numbers; the nuclear power stations with circulating gaseous fission matter for cosmic and ground application.
Number of publications 56
Selected publications
  • O. I. Navoznov, A. A. Paveliev, "Transition to turbulence in coflowing jet," Fluid Dynamics. V. 4, 84-88 (1969).
  • A. A. Paveliev, "Development of lattice turbulence in a flow with a constant velocity gradient," Fluid Dynamics. V. 9, 38-47 (1974).
  • V. G. Lushchik, A. A. Paveliev, A. A. Yakubenko, "Turbulent boundary layer control: experimental data and theoretical models." Collected articles. Fluid Mechanics. Chapter Five. Edited by G. A. Lubimov, L. I. Sedov, G. G. Chernyi. Series Editor V. Z. Parton. Hemisphere Publishing Corporation. A member of the Taylor and Fraycis Group. New York, Washington, Philadelphia, London (1974).
  • A. A. Paveliev, A. I. Reshmin, "Turbulent Transition in the Inlet Region of a Circular Pipe," Fluid Dynamics. V. 36, No. 4, 626-633 (2001).
  • A. A. Paveliev, A. A. Shtarev, "Experiment on Vortex Formation in a Fluid Flowing out of a Reservoir," Fluid Dynamics. V. 36, No. 5, 851-854 (2001).
Additional Information
The direction of flows is from below to top.
The density of the central flow is above the density of the external flow and the rate of the central flow depends on time (left picture).
The densities of the flows are the same (right picture).
 1985 Year  1985 Year
 1985 Year
The scheme of flow in the channel and the velocity profile at initial section of the channel.

1. The flow of air or flow of mixture of air and helium.
2. The flow of the air with smoke.
 A. A. Paveliev

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